What next – Nutrition, Yoga, or Massage Therapy?

What a great thing to do when you’re undecided about your future career but have several areas that interest you. For me it’s nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, flight attendant (later on), travel writing, and travelling! Right now I don’t feel like I’ve quite developed a large enough passion in nutrition, yoga, or massage therapy to invest the amount of money to become qualified to practice and subsequently pursue a career in that area. They’re sort of things I want to try out for fun. I guess time and money are the biggest factors right now. If I break things down:


Time to study / get qualified: Bachelor, 3 years full-time at least

Pursuit: Having the title of Nutritionist or Dietitian is appealing and the career options are wide. However it’s a career I’d have to give at least 3-5 working years

Cost: 15-20k and more HECs!!!

Benefits & doubts: Would be better to start out early to build up experience. It’s like becoming a doctor. Ideally you want to start the relevant degree first up. But it’s never too late right? Heck I can decide to study nutrition when I’m 30.

Verdict: not the best timing. I don’t want to go back to study and have a 3 year degree on my shoulders to finish. Pursuing the nutritionist career will definitely take up my 20’s life time!


Time to study / get qualified: 1 month

Pursuit: I can get qualified in the yoga capital of the world – India, or Bali. Involves an element of travel so that’s a big plus. It’s also a much shorter investment of time to ‘try out’ the career. I think a years time would be a solid effort to seeing if I’d love being a yoga teacher.

Cost: $2-3k 1 month course

Benefits & doubts: internationally recognised qualification, can teach yoga anywhere abroad, could eventually set up my own studio, can come back to Sydney and work as a yoga teacher too. On the flip side I like yoga but I don’t think I’d love to teach it. Plus after reading some blogs, it seems like even though it’s a relatively short period of time, it’s intense and will break you. You gotta be THAT into yoga. Would it be worth getting a qualification for the sake of the experience?

Verdict: Mayyyybe not for me right now..

Massage Therapy 

Time to study / get qualified: 5 days to 5 years! There’s so many options and so many courses you can do – swedish massage, balinese massage, indian head massage, healing, postnatal massage, stone therapy, and the list goes on! The least amount of time required to have an ‘industry’ qualification (meaning I could actually practice at a clinic), is about 30/40 days.

Pursuit: I did a weekend short course to learn massage foundations. This taught me how to give a full body massage and I certainly enjoyed giving it and receiving it. I found massaging someone to ease my mind, slow it down, and I also use my entire body. What makes me feel even better is that I’m helping the person I’m massaging to feel better! Like Yoga, massage is a qualification recognised worldwide so I can work in different countries – YAYER!

Cost: about $3k for a Diploma in Spa Therapy & Anatomy and Physiology

Benefits & doubts: I’m keen to enter the spa world. I think it’ll be really beneficial for my health and mindset to practice healing every day and be around people who value the same. BIG benefit is immersing in another country’s culture while I’m studying. Doubts – I don’t think there’s any!

Verdict: I think it’s up to me to take the leap. It’s pretty affordable, doesn’t take long to get qualified, and it’s a practice that’s beneficial for life even if I don’t turn it into a fruitful career. What other destination to immerse in a blissful life than Bali eh?




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