The second chapter

Sooooo in about a month’s time I’ll be off to travel with no set plans for the second time. I’m not sure when I’ll come, if I’ll come home, or whether I’ll find something that pulls me in a different direction. In all honestly I really hope I do, because it’s an anxious/excited/nervous/scared feeling I have right now. Not having  plans or something in place can seem to the majority of people rather silly – but isn’t life about living and not always about planning? Actually well, I’m planning all the time. Funny that because never have a plan but I’m always researching, moving, looking for a change, asking what’s next on my horizon. Perhaps in the broader scheme of things my ‘plan’ while i’m in my 20’s is to travel, see, and do things that help me learn more about myself while enabling me to achieve (and try to sustain) healthy enlightenment.

I guess I could consider 2015 a gap year Looking back I had a good 5 months of steadiness studying in Mannheim, 2 months entirely on my own and always on the move in Europe, 2 months of stability again in the Philippines on a volunteering program, and then 2 months when I was travelling but with family so I felt somewhat grounded. It’s too early to say what type of travelling suits me but I remember getting to a a point where I just wanted to stop moving for a while.

The only thing I have confirmed is a one way flight to Colombo on the 31st December (NYE has never been much of a celebration for me). I’ve done enough research to map out a good itinerary for about 3 weeks. Sri Lanka doesn’t appeal so much as a country I’d hang around in for a while so I’m planning to head to South India and explore the Keralan coast and hill stations (yes, nature!). Since Yoga and Massage are two areas of (potentially career) interests I’m thinking of hitting up Mysore since it’s a hotspot for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) courses. The thing that concerns me is whether I can adapt to the environment and food. The other option is studying massage in Bali.

I know things will come together when the travelling actually starts. I think the most time-consuming part of travelling maybe actually comes before it when you’re contemplating, contemplating, planning, deciding (or not deciding), and getting caught up in trying to make plans. I think I should just let things fall into place. That’s one important thing I learnt backpacking in Europe solo. Decisions just came easier once I was in the position to make it.

As long as I have some ideas and stay smart about it I should be fine!


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