The ‘new’ year has finally begun

Well. I did it. I’m here. Sitting in the international airport terminal in Sydney, just 200m and 2 hours away from my boarding gate 56. None other than budget airline – Jetstar. Expect nothing and you won’t be so disappointed eh? Back to the point. It’s funny, but I finally feel like my ‘new’ year has begun. This whole fresh start thing, or more the beginning of exciting uncertainty.

Just yesterday morning I had an interview for a job at the Post Hotel in Lake Louise, Canada. I felt like it went really well and I’m pretty positive I’ll be offered a position as either Spa Reception or Front Desk Agent. I’d love to be working in the Spa but they only take Canadian registered massage therapists. So the best bet for me is to work as Front Desk Agent, where I’ll get great exposure to all hotel departments, then on my time off I can do extra shifts as Spa reception if needed. Pretty excited! The only thing I wasn’t so keen to hear was that staff accommodation is off-site (8 min walk, which isn’t too bad), and that gym/pool facilities are only for guests 🙁 . Boo! But besides that all is positive. I’d be looking to start working in the summer season somewhere around early May and staying for at least a year for the Front Desk Agent role.

A few days prior I also went for an interview at Orchard Spa in the CBD – they were looking for a Massage Therapist but prefer someone with facials/waxing experience. I did a little demo, met the owner Sarah who’s lovely, and said she’d love to add me to the team when I get back from NZ. She can train me up on all their services over a month and after that we can look at drawing up a contract. The pay is per client rather than hourly which isn’t too bad. Thing is I’d be moving to Canada after 2 months so I’d feel bad for leaving. But it’s a great opportunity to be trained in all those services even if just for two months. I’d be doing what makes me happy – helping others enhance their wellbeing. That’s rewarding.

So the plan? NZ for the next 20 days, come back 5th feb and work at Orchard Spa (while perhaps doing some home massages too), then leave for Canada late April. I want to stay in Canada for at least a year to get the most of my working holiday opportunity. Plus I’m finally entering the hotel industry which I had gained aspiration for back in Apr 17 when I met Azalya at Jamu Spa School! We’ve been in touch since and she’s always praying for good things my way. Working at the Post Hotel could be the start of something big for me. One day I hope to work with Ketut (my massage teacher) who’s working in Qatar, and Asep who’s working in Dubai. They both dream of coming to Aus one day.

Ugh this sandwich I made is so dry. I love rye Burgen bread but it’s kinda dry from being in the fridge. Plus not enough of my cloudy scrambled eggs! Oh well, i’m glad I brought food. Can’t afford airport food :O :O

I digress.

Other than those major happenings, life in general is looking up. I feel.. brighter? I love meditating – it’s become a ritual, and man I am glad I left my previous job. The cultural fit and work environment was a place I couldn’t ever conform with and I’ve felt so free since then. oh – suddenly I’m reminded of a lady named Jovanna I met during camping over Christmas. She was my inspirational speaker – it’s like I met her at the right time and place. She didn’t know me at all but seemed to know what I needed to get my head right. Thanks Jove. You’ll never know but 15 mins of talking to you will have an impact for the next 15 years of my life.

1.10pm. My flight boards in one hour. What’ve I left to do? I’m staying at Base Queenstown tonight so when I arrive, just gonna pick up a sim card, cash out, then find hope on bus to get in town. Then I’ll reunite with Cory tomorrow morning!!! Haven’t seem him since Tokyo just over 2 years ago. Amazing how we’ve kept in touch though we only hanged out for an afternoon. Travel is amazing like that.

Since I”m on the road again, roaming the earth and what not, regular posts should be in order. I realise this is the first post since September – I promise I made heaps of drafts and never posted them. Hopefully I’ll have much time on my hands under the stars while I”m in NZ 🙂 🙂


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