My first palm reading

Today I went to a palm reader for the first time. I’m not a big believer (or a believer at all) in astrology, gemstones, psychic readings, black magic and all that jazz, but every now and then I get intrigued. I think about it for maybe a few minutes, but being a sceptic I forget about it almost instantly thinking it’s a waste of time and money. Why pay someone to tell you your future? What’s the fun in that? Life’s great happening as it were and as it should be – unplanned. I mean things happening by coincidence and not by expectation. Now that I think about it, did I just doom myself by now seeing a palm reader and subconsciously creating expectations that might then lead to disappointment and therefore what the guy ‘predicted’? :O

On a day out my sister told me about her friend who IS a big believer in all this hoo-ha. She spends quite a bit of money seeing psychics, tarot readers, palm readers, and even emailed reports where they don’t even need to see you in person! Apparently what all these psychics/readers have told her very much align or say the same thing about her love life, career, personality, family etc. She went to see them on all separate instances and it’s very unlikely they’d know each other. So something’s gotta be up with that?! Now is a good a time as any to get some psychic reading so what the hell – If it’s affordable let’s just go. Who doesn’t like hearing about themselves eh? 

I re-discovered a local palm reader and astrology centre that I’ve come by a few times in the past (Look at that, the image of the advertisement was sitting at the back of my mind ever since the first sighting a few years ago. Maybe it was meant to be..). He quote $30 for 50mins – awesome. Here’s how it went: 

APPOINTMENT: 10.30 am – Pandit Sai Krishna

The astrology centre was a small room with a white door that didn’t quite shut completely. It seemed a temporary rental space but the inside was decorated with posters of Hindu gods and shrines. There was another session in progress when I knocked, but he gestured me in so I sat down on an old couch, removing my shoes. I felt like a bit of a disturbance to some one else’s reading and thought they were supposed to be confidential. Well, he was speaking in Hindi so I couldn’t understand a word. But soon, it was my turn to take up the patient chair. 

Pandit Sai Krishna asked me to write down my name, birth date, birth time, and where I was born. He said he needed a few moments to make some calculations, and then he would explain things to me. I watched him draw a table and doodle some characters in the squares, he counted some sort of calendar on his fingers too. I pondered at the interior decor and took some deep breaths as if calling my presence to be in this palm reading. Then he started to talk. 

My personality and character is straight forward, spiritual, and caring, he said. I like helping those around me, it’s in my nature to give. He sensed I have a stomach problem, something that concerns whether or not I want or see kids in my future. Career and money aren’t quite stable and partnership is on my mind at times. These were thus the three questions he sensed I have. I didn’t come with any questions, but it made sense that these three aspects of my life would be most relevant at the moment. He proceeded to explain:


  • The stomach issue is a cause for concern and that deep-down I ponder about whether I see kids in the future. Although it’s not a concern for me now, I should address it. 
  • The stomach problem sometimes not a problem, other times it is 

My thoughts: Quite right. I have secondary Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), and a long-term digestion problem. 


  • I have two feet in two boats. One foot will be in one boat, but the other is always searching. 
  • I’ll never 100% be happy with whatever job I have. There is some blockage always, I’m never fully satisfied 
  • Money-wise there is more expenditure than money coming in or ‘staying’. But I never spend on myself, always on others. If someone were to ask me for help, I will give everything and all the help I can. But even though there is more expenditure, I don’t worry about money 
  • I will have two streams of income. My brain is thinking like this.  
  • In any job I help make other people look good and receive praise/appreciation from above, but nothing is happening for me. Amongst colleagues and those ‘below’, there will always be enemies or people who talk negatively of me, no matter what career but i don’t let it bother me 
  • Massage will be something I continue to do. Maybe not forever, but for some time. Perhaps I will have a main job, but massage will be something on the side.

My thoughts: Makes sense. My career’s never been stable, I switch aspirations as often as my bed sheets. I guess I’ve always liked being the assistance or enabler for someone – it’s what makes me feel happy, valued, and motivated. If that isn’t there it seems that’s when I look for the job switch. Regarding the negative talk, eh.  It is me to not bother thinking of ‘enemies’, so if there were this negative chatter / gossip about me in previous roles I wouldn’t have really thought of it much! The reading I found most interesting is the expenditure being more part. I always thought of myself as someone who’s good at money and saving so hmph! But his insight rings true in some way. If I do spend, the majority of the time it’s for someone else. Cash inflow has never been the bigger part but I save well when I want to. 


  • There is someone in my life at the moment where I question a relationship with. What is his name? 

… he was wrong here. I couldn’t think of a single name of anyone I thought I could potentially have a relationship with haha. He pondered.. 

  • There will be someone I meet through my massage business I will develop a relationship with and a time will come where I question the relationship. Do not make any promises with him and say no. When this time comes, remember what I tell you now and make the decision ‘No’. 
  • Relationship-wise I won’t be 100% be committed to a person. I will be 90%, maybe even 99%, but something is blocking me from giving 100% 
  • 2020 is a good time for me to think about a partner. When the time comes where I need to make a decision, I should make the right one because it will be a long time until I am in a relationship again. 

My thoughts: hahahah, all I get are old, unattractive men, some young but not anyone I consider partner-attractive, and a woman here and there. But it is my ethic not to associate my profession with my personal life. A client is a client and I don’t cross the line. He didn’t give me a timeline with this prediction so I don’t think much of it. Commitment wise, very much making sense. I’m too independent to give someone my all. I mean that in the least selfish way :D. and 2020 eh? I’ll be 27. Sure, maybe it’s a good time to have a partner, but I bet every cent I’ll still be trotting somewhere on some foreign land. Technically he didn’t’ say anything about my partner being human. Could be the lama I own in my little cottage amongst green hills who always appreciates the fluffy pandan chiffons I make too many times a bloody week. 

So those were supposedly my three questions he gave an explanation and (sort of) a prediction for. Did I have any other questions? No, not really. But since there was time I asked if he could tell me anything about my relationship with my parents or people in my family (I avoided specifically telling him I had two sisters). 


  • I want and try to make my family together but they, or the situation is always separation
  • Someone has wished/prayed bad luck on the family
  • Negativity follows my family, this is like a curse

During the session he asked me to hold a number of shells in my palms, give them a shake and think ‘God’, then throw them on the table and repeat 3 times. The number of shells upturned was 5-4-5. He asked how many people lived in my household. I said 4.. and 2 dogs :). He smiled and gave a light chuckle. ‘Good, yes dogs. This is important’. 

He talked a short while about this negativity or ‘curse’ and says it can be removed with prayer. After I address negativity, only then will things resolve it self, come together, be at one. If I want, they will do some prayers to remove this negativity/curses but it will come with expenditure. Ha-ha, I like how he phrased it instead of just saying ‘this will cost $xxx’. I told Pandit Sai Krishna this is my first palm reading and that’s all I wanted. I thanked him for his time and gave him two $20 notes. He didn’t have $10 change for me so he gave me $20 back and said I can pay him the rest next time I come (Oh so you predict I’m coming back now eh?!). 


My headspace meditation app lit up my phone screen a couple of weeks ago asking ‘When was the last time you did something for the first time?’. This was an opportunity. Palm reading was interesting and it was something I wanted to do for  fun. I was excited to do something new and intriguing and I quite enjoyed my day because of it. 

The reading itself didn’t blow me away. If anything it felt more like a confirmation of his ability to read what my current situation is and my concerns. It was less psychic so he didn’t give much of a future prediction for much. Except that partnership stuff haha. But overall I don’t know why I’d pay someone to tell me what my life currently looks like. I’m currently living it, so let me live it man! Buuuuttt I would say it’s a fun insight. Gives you stuff to think about, perhaps a catalyst for making a change in your lifestyle. Otherwise my theory is that if someone tells you X and Y will happen, then naturally as the fascinating human beings we are, our brain will seek motivations to see X and Y happen, and when it happens, ‘OMG the psychic was right!’ 


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