My first day at Jamu Spa School

Gosh it feels nice to be studying again! It might sound strange or wack to a lot of people to say I’ve missed it. I miss getting my lecture notes organised, absorbing new information, and being in a focused learning environment. It’s like I’ve been deprived of intellectual stimuli. I guess it’s different when you’re taking in information for which you have future personal use for. I like to also think I’ve become good at studying :D. Anyway I didn’t really know what to expect walking in this morning but I made sure I arrived 15mins early. I thought they’d email me a week before to brief me on my schedule and what to do when I arrived. I probably should’ve looked at the orientation booklet they emailed me a while back but I didn’t bother. Anyhow it all turned out lovely and I’m feeling glad to be going through with the course :).

After signing in I was handed my uniform (I was excited for this) – it was an orange, almost aboriginal, printed traditional balinese sarong, and a white Jamu Spa student t-shirt. Every day I would be handed a newly washed set of uniform which I would change to in the locker room. I thought – why aren’t we just given the uniform to keep and wear every day? – but it made sense later when I thought about the practical part of the course where I’d be getting covered in oil and getting in and out of uniform. I joined about 10 other students at the morning tea where ginger tea and some balinese cakes were provided (damn, I was so full from breakfast already. Next time!). There were balinese students, Chinese students, Japanese students, and a lady from the Philippines named Ruby who I sat down next to. She looked like a sweet, caring, and jolly kind of mother and we immediately struck conversation. She had been working in the spa industry for 12 years already and was here for a short one-day balinese course. I really wished she was here longer so I can get to know her more! Ruby said she was married before but now she likes to go backpacking and travelling and got a few tattoos at 40 (I love her humour and positivity). She was intrigued by my travel experience in Sri Lanka because it’s on her bucket list so we made sure to exchange contact details and stay in touch. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet her somewhere in bali later!

Nancy, the school VP, then came and introduced the teachers and students and then we were off to class. I was directed to a class on level 3 and joined by a guy named Putu, who has been working as a spa therapist for 6 years already. We’re studying the Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology together and Nancy is our teacher. I love that it’s an intimate class and Nancy has a wonderful teaching pace. She’s also super pregnant so I hope she won’t have to disappear to the hospital during the next two weeks haha. I had to purchase a photocopy of the Anatomy text book ($5AUD) but all other training material (lectures, syllabus etc) was provided in hard copy. This was awesome because I much prefer to be able to write and highlight stuff!

Morning tea with the other students
Ruby and me

Man, there is SO much information to take in! Like it’s good information, what I’m learning is interesting and relevant and I feel much more knowledgeable about how the human body works already. I’m inspired to seriously look into studying nutrition and dietetics and building a career in the health industry. (Wow, I gave marketing a shot for 7 months and I’m already moving on. Do I give anything time or a chance?). There’s also so much training material and I feel a little overwhelmed by how many resources there are to grab information from – Syllabus for the module objectives, diagram booklet for reference, lecture notes, lecture handout with a module summary, and the textbook for the detailed version of the lecture handout. I just want to compile everything so that all the necessary information is in one spot!! I’ve already started my notes for module 1 and I’ll definitely be bringing my laptop to class everyday. Back into nerd mode WOOH

My little classroom
Course material
Just outside my classroom

Lunch is also provided every day of my course (a big plus) and it’s traditional balinese food. They also cater to anyone with food allergies or food preferences so that’s really nice. Today I had rice with long bean stir-fry, tempeh, chicken, and some white crackers. Not much different to what you can get at a warung outside but it’s prepped in house and fruit is provided too. Oh and free water refills!

The day actually doesn’t feel so long. Mondays are 9.30-4 and Tues-Friday it’s 9-4pm. Judging from the first day, it’s not so intense. I’m going to get quizzed every day on the module we go through and I’ve got an assessment as well. The course structure and content delivery is much more serious and challenging than I expected, but reasonably so since it’s an internationally accredited course. I guess I don’t feel like it’s that serious because it’s not like a bachelor degree or something.

Anyway I’m looking forward to the rest of the week. Anatomy and Physiology goes for only 10 days and given it’s full-on study hours, I think these next two weeks will fly.

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