Countdown to Canada


Officially 4 weeks til I move to Canada!! Well it’s not like it was unofficial, but I consider 4 weeks to be some sort of exciting countdown period. It’s crazy it’s come this soon. I was only just applying for the work permit a few months ago and now the move is real. I’m quite proud of myself for taking this step toward my life. It’s the next thing and that’s all I want to envision right now.

What have I been up to?

Lately I’ve kept myself occupied with a lot of little things aside from the massage business. Maybe they’re more just thoughts that I action in some way, but they’re not really projects or consistent hobbies. For one, selling my uni textbooks. Other stuff? Selling my Ipad. Washing my shoes. Baking a new chiffon recipe and seed crackers. Trying acupuncture with mum. Buying new suitcases. Shopping online for sports shoes for Dad. Ebay-ing. Groupon-ing. Browsing tattoo designs (which, by the way I’m taking a day trip to Melbourne Love Tattoo Parlour in a couple weeks!), researching/reading health related articles, looking up courses in nutrition and diet therapy, messaging people from the Canada FB forums, finding new movies to watch on Netflix, texting massage clients, exercising, cleaning the house.. I could go on. I think most of my time is taken up by cooking, cleaning, and being on my laptop.

I’ve wanted to take a step back and look at how I want to spend these next 4 weeks. I want to spend less time doing mindless screen browsing and get back into regular meditation and my dedication to this blog. I find that I’m spending 50% of my time doing things that aren’t adding value to my personal development. This idea probably ties in with that book ‘4 Hour Work Week’ by Tim Ferris I’ve still yet to read. It’s interesting now that I give more thought to motivations and consumerism. For example, lately I’ve found myself comforted by crawling into bed at the end of the day and just browsing on my phone on Groupon or Instagram, or going through my junk emails (I guess that catalogue girl is still inside of me haha). The Lumosity app or Duolingo is there for me to use – brain training and learning German. But I just chose not to tap on those apps. Better yet, my phone shouldn’t even be in bed with me. What’s up with this? Have I not had enough lazing time since I quit corporate / 9-5 life?

Productivity VS Efficiencyย 

I want a more productive life. I used to to think about efficiency a lot. There was always so many things and ideas I wanted to action and as a result I spoke way too fast, ended up burning out at work, and stressing out. That wasn’t efficiency. BUT, I felt productive. I was taking action toward my aspirations to see if it did anything. Perhaps the problem was spreading myself thin; There is only one of me and I shouldn’t abuse myself.

I don’t want to get all philosophical now but just a thought that productivity and efficiency have been two different things in my life. I’ve always been productive with my time because I like to be kept occupied. But I also have a high regard for efficiency and I think that means doing thingsย smart. For instance, I recently was wondering about the Citibank travel credit card and if they had ATMs or partnerships with Canadian banks that offer no fees. Instead of googling it and reading forums or comparison sites, I just called them up and got a direct, reliable answer. I admit I still fluff around being inefficient but if I’m still learning and not under a time constraint what’s the harm?

Recently I caught up with a good friend of mine and we got into conversation about how valuable our social circles are. There’s a saying that goes ‘You are the average of the 5 closest people to you’, and I very much believe there’s a truth in that. You spend time and effort on the bond you have with these people and inevitably pick up their mannerisms, communication quirks, even body language, and to some degree are influenced by their likes & dislikes. True,ย  no? My friend questioned her social circle of friends and whether they added value to her aspirations in life. She felt an urge to meet new people, be part of a new community, open her life to engagements that challenge and motivate her goals. Her friends on the other hand, just felt like people she socialised with. Did they hold qualities she wanted to see in herself or admire? Yes, some. But not quite. That brought us to the term Productive socialising. I pondered about this when I got into bed that evening.

Wait… This is about Canada

Right! And there is 4 weeks to go! It’s certainly an exciting move but my home is always going to be here. Plus I have a friends wedding in October that I’m potentially coming for so it’s not like a permanent move. Just the next adventure :). Nevertheless time is all we have and I should still make the most of these 4 weeks before I leave. Right now I’m editing my sisters uni assignment. Good start.. lol


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