An introduction to massage

What a detoxing weekend! Maybe I should really think over paying for a retreat.. even doing a short course on massage this weekend felt like it changed a little part of my life. The gist is I’ve been interested to delve into studying nutrition/yoga/massage and considered alternative career paths in the fitness & health industry. Given my digestion issues and natural motivation to live healthily, I’ve developed an enthusiasm to learn about the nutritional content of what we eat, the anatomy and physiology of the body, and what we can do to become more sensitive to our bodies (and listen to them) in order to feel that glow of vitality every day.

I’ve always thought of the body as an amazing thing, and I learned through the massage course this weekend that there’s so much vitality we can gain (and are missing out on feeling) by exercising sensitivity to our bodies. It’s quite powerful – healing would be the correct term. I wanted to dip my toes into this world of healing and opted for a 2 day Introduction to massage instead of committing myself blindly to a Cert IV or Diploma of massage in case it wasn’t for me (the Intro to massage is just one of the subjects of either). Overall I’m really happy about the experience! I enrolled to Evolve College in Bondi Junction, mainly because they had a 65% off promotion going on – so I paid $250 instead of $695 for the Introduction to massage subject. I gotta say, $695 is pretty steep for what was delivered since it’s just two days worth of content and practice. Though it was extremely professional, the course instructor was very experienced and thorough with demonstrations – recommended to family and friends 😀

Massaging itself is a fun practice. It’s therapeutic to give, and to receive (for me anyway). I never learned to give massages professionally, but I feel I’m naturally good at it. It’s a practice I’d enjoy becoming professional in. I mean it makes me feel valuable and appreciated to be able to help someone  relax and re-centre, feel less stressed and become more aware of what their body needs. We should be living each day, feeling whole, but a lot of us easily become de-sensitised by what we do every day and don’t realise our minds are operating separately to our bodies. We’re putting our whole self in an unnatural rhythm if you will, and that’s why it feels soooo damn good getting massaged, smelling essential oils, closing your eyes, and breathing deeply…

Today we learned how to give a seated massage (back & neck), face massage, full back massage and leg massage, as well as some theory on essential oils, cautions when massaging, and setting up for professional practice. I guess I want to go more into nutrition, and anatomy but at least now I can practice on friends and family! If I weren’t going overseas I would actually consider enrolling for the Diploma to become a qualified practitioner, and then you know – career shifting again 😛 . But yoga teacher training is still on my horizon, so I can explore that a little when I get to India in January (get internationally qualified within a month if I decide to), then head on over to bali to discover more yoga and massage! Perhaps I could teach yoga while learning massage too! I gotta remember my travel is open ended. Right now I feel like I have this 3-month period to then come back home. But I also see myself finding a shared house in bali to settle for a bit – work on my travel blogging etc.

(deep breath in, deep breath out)..

2 more months at this full-time job then I’m FREEEEEEE!!!

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