Vegetarians would love Germany

One of the greatest things I didn’t expect about Germany was how easy it is to live here as a Vegetarian. Almost every supermarket, restaurant or food outlet I’ve been to catered for vegetarians. I mean I know you could be vegetarian in Australia too but the array of options here are way greater! Rewe (a supermaket chain like Woolworths or Coles) for example have so many products that are gluten-free, meat-free, lactose-free and even sugar-free. Most restaurants also have a dedicated menu for those on a vegetarian diet. The coolest finds in Mannehim is the vegetarian buffet(Hellers) near the train station and a supermarket called Bio für alle which is what I’d like to rave on about for a little!

Bio für alle isn’t just a small regular supermarket. It pretty much stocks only organic foods and it’s got EVERYTHING catered for! The refrigerated section is stocked FULL of natural and organic yoghurts, cheeses, tofu sausages, cream cheese, meat-free burger patties, spring rolls, and probably over 30 varieties of tofu and forms of tofu. The drinks section, sweets section, crackers section – all organic and vegan options and of course theres the aisle for pastas, rice, sauces and cereals. You enter the supermarket through the organic vegetables section, passing a cafe with vegan ice cream and vegetarian gluten-free sandwiches. I’m no vegetarian but I love my vegetables and this place is the healthy munchers delight.

Anyway, before coming to Germany my worries were for a diet of pork, sausages, and potato, and a lack in nutrients from vegetables and whole foods. It’s no lie that Germans love their pork (Hackfleisch) and potatoes (Kartoffel) but I was hugely wronged about what I expected my diet to be. Vegetarians would find it super easy to meet their dietary needs here – my sister would especiallylove it as she complains about the lack of catering for vegetarians in shops and restaurants in Sydney. I mean they have ‘options’ for vegetarians, but almost always at an extra cost. Whereas here a meat-free diet feels like it’s been fully integrated into society as a norm. Even when we went to Europa park and had Greek food, myvegetarian friend Emma got a vegetarian Gyros!

What’s been my best vegetarian find? Falafels. Oh . My . God. I’ve developed a recent obsession for these falafels from, you guessed it, Bio für alle and I swear if someone asked me to join them on a journey to find the best falafels in the world, I’d pack my bags tonight.

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