What next – Nutrition, Yoga, or Massage Therapy?

What a great thing to do when you’re undecided about your future career but have several areas that interest you. For me it’s nutrition, yoga, massage therapy, flight attendant (later on), travel writing, and travelling! Right now I don’t feel like I’ve quite developed a large enough passion in nutrition, yoga, or massage therapy to invest … Read More

The turning point

The turning point

India is one of those countries where your memories of experiences will stay more vivid than most countries. I travelled there 4 years ago, and the impact it’s had on my life has been more exciting, fulfilling, motivating, and culturally inspiring than anywhere I’ve travelled since. India was the first country I travelled to on … Read More

An introduction to massage

What a detoxing weekend! Maybe I should really think over paying for a retreat.. even doing a short course on massage this weekend felt like it changed a little part of my life. The gist is I’ve been interested to delve into studying nutrition/yoga/massage and considered alternative career paths in the fitness & health industry. … Read More