A local festival in Germany

Mannheim Stadtfest (town festival) was held for 3 days in the middle of the quadrate, along the planks, and extending out toward the Wasserturm, an apparent icon of Mannheim. It’s pretty awesome for the city to have these sort of communal events – an excuse to chill out with friends/family, eat really good food or in my case, an extended break from studying for my final exams (tehe!). We actually didn’t have a good idea of the reason behind the festival but apparently this is the 25th year of the celebration! And I mean, most of us exchange students probably won’t be returning to Mannheim any time soon so why not check it out if you’ve got time.

Vegetarians would love Germany

One of the greatest things I didn’t expect about Germany was how easy it is to live here as a Vegetarian. Almost every supermarket, restaurant or food outlet I’ve been to catered for vegetarians. I mean I know you could be vegetarian in Australia too but the array of options here are way greater! Rewe (a supermaket chain like Woolworths or Coles) for example have so many products that are gluten-free, meat-free, lactose-free and even sugar-free. Most restaurants also have a dedicated menu for those on a vegetarian diet. The coolest finds in Mannehim is the vegetarian buffet(Hellers) near the train station and a supermarket called Bio für alle which is what I’d like to rave on about for a little!

Chicken soup in Freiburg – My first airbnb.

Okay chicken soup doesn’t sound like an ‘adventure’ in Europe, but it was one of the things that made my time in Freiburg one of the most memorable experiences. As a first-timer with Airbnb I was really excited for a homestay experience, and as an independent traveller I wanted to know how it might be … Read More

Bathing in the nude

Bathing in the nude

CARACELLE THERME, BADEN-BADEN What a dehydrating day! But all for good reason. With one night in Baden-Baden I had to see if it lived up to the rationale of the city’s name so I ventured to Carcalle Therme, one of the city’s most well known thermal baths. The other, which is probably more popular amongst … Read More