Day 12 – Doing nothing at Unawatuna beach

I had no idea what to do this morning but I was feeling a little down. After having spent so much the day before, checking in late, and having a dinner that made me bloated, I just wasn’t up for much. My travel buddy James was certainly keen on doing some scuba diving but I just wanted to get out and explore Unawatuna, get my bearings and what not. Diving was one thing I was looking forward to maybe doing in Sri Lanka but I was just feeling upset about spending money and not enjoying the experience very much. So I decided I’d rather save the money for more activities in Bali I can enjoy with the sis.

Ranga, the house cook, fixed everyone up with his famous banana pancakes but since my stomach wasn’t doing well he kindly made me some toast with butter. It was really nice of Josh and Ranga to talk to have a little chat with me before breakfast as well just to see how I was doing, but I wasn’t feeling so social.

Anyway so I headed out to see what Unawatuna has to offer. We were actually a 20 min walk from the beach and main tourist strip which was a good and bad thing. I didn’t mind walking so much, however since it was along the main busy road with noisy traffic (yet again), this annoyed me. Once you get to the tourist strip though, I started to see the things I had read about the place. The road is narrow and lined with guest houses, boutique stores selling gifts/souvenirs and those elephant pants you see in every Asian country, restaurants selling Western/Chinese/ Sri Lankan cuisine, jewellery stores, and diving/tour agencies. It was nice to walk through, though very touristy. I noticed prices of food were three times as expensive as Kandy, even more so than Nuwara Eliya.

Unawatuna doesn’t have that beach sea salt smell. There are no big waves but it’s still a nice looking beach and the water is a perfect warm temperature. I kind of wished I had joined James on the scuba dive this morning… Oh well. I ended up laying on a comfy lounge under a beach umbrella for a good 2 hours.


I pretty much did nothing else today. I got some lunch on the way back to the hostel, showered and chilled for a couple of hours, then made the split decision to move hostels to get away from the negative energy I was feeling. And I’m glad I did! I went to Sunny and Fun hostel (a place I had originally planned on staying at) and spent the night learning how to play Mahjong with the Chinese family that owned the place. Funny I would be doing such a thing in Sri Lanka. They also have two little puppies (perhaps beagals?) that are adorable company.


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