Week 8 at Jamu Spa School | Exam day and visiting Denpasar

WOOH, I’M DONE!!! Exam day turned out to be less stressful than I expected and it went mostly smoothly. I was just expected to have a little discussion with the examiner afterward but she left as quickly as she arrived?. Ros and Ketut said I did well though and they’re confident I passed. Just gotta wait 6 weeks to find out! The rest of the week went pretty mellow – practice Mon-Thursday, had Friday off then the exam was on Saturday.

To remember how it all went.. 

I got to school at 8am and went straight up to my room to make sure everything was prepared. Ros and the other teachers spent ALL day the day before cleaning absolutely everything, changing furniture, making it look the cleanest and professional as possible. I wasn’t expecting much to be changed and was really used to my practice area so when I walked in on Friday it was a bit of a surprise. They emptied oil bottles, printed new labels for them, changed roller cabinets, refolded bed sheets, and changed chair colours and all haha. I’m glad I came in on Friday to get used to it before exam day. So this is how my station looked!


I spent probably 30 mins just waltzing around school since there was nothing to do til the examiner came. Her name is Kerry and she’s from the headquarters in the UK. Formerly the Education officer and she had been jetting around asian countries conducting the CIBTAC examination assessments – Bali was her last stop! She was friendly but a bit hard to connect with on a casual/social basis. I felt even stiff putting my arm on the back of her shoulder to take a photo!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-22 at 9.43.34 PM
With Ketut and Ros just before the exam started 🙂

Anyway so the exam went as planned. My model Endah (who I know but had to pretend like I didn’t) was amazing, and did all the mmm-ing and ahhh-ing and ‘that’s nice..’ compliments I hoped she would :P. Since I was the only student doing the exam, more questions were pinned on me which was expected. I answered most confidently and just blanked out on two or three but I gauged she was happy with my performance. When it got to the last treatment though – Indian head massage – instead of the full 45 mins she just wanted me to skip straight to the head and finish off and go to post-consultation. I didn’t even get to do the warm head towel wrap which is my favourite part! I think perhaps she was hungry because it was already 12.45pm. (Plus I saw her go straight for the food as soon as she got back to her examiner room haha).

The afternoon was 2.5 hours of theory, multiple choice. Trickier than Jamu had prepared me for but I’m confident I passed that too. The requirement for the qualification overall is actually just 60%, or so I’m told. I wrote down as much as I could remember as soon as the exam was over to help the other students who will be doing the same exam in June. Kerry had about a 20 min discussion with Ketut and Ross after I finished and that was it! She was off back to her hotel, seemingly keen to leave. I forgot to add Wianan also did my hair in the morning – I was casual about it, it was up neat already but she wanted to brush it, put a flower in it, and add bobby pins to make so NO hair strands were out of place. They worried more for my exam because of previous feedback with Japanese students and all. Anyway here are the after-exam shots!

Exam day

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the examination but Ketut took some when I did the mock exam with Endah.


And then it was Sunday – rest day! 

Actually I felt dead on Sunday. Azalya took me and Ni to this Global Church meeting that happens every Sunday at Novotel. It was really nice to get involved with the community (even though it was all expats) and I got to meet her husband Andreas. There were people from America, Australia, Japan, Brazil etc and the atmosphere was just lively. Church isn’t my thing but I enjoyed the social aspect, and the music is awesome! Really gets you in an uplifting mood.

We picked up Raffael after and headed to Kumbasari market in Denpasar. I already have my souvenirs sorted but I wanted to go anyway to check it out. I knew what I was in for though – a market place with thousands of choice at cheaper prices, so I was going to feel regret and discover a million things I also want to buy. But alas, thank goodness I have a cabin baggage limit to force me not to spend. And I’m sure I’ll be coming back to Bali sometime soon.

To fuel up for shopping Andreas took us to a local eatery that specialises in Tipat Tahu. I loooooovvee local eateries that are popular, you just know it’s good. And with 3 choices on the menu – how can you go wrong? So Tipat Tahu is basically chopped up sticky rice with tofu, bean sprouts, fried egg, and kerupuk (prawn/rice crackers), and the menu was basically:

  1. Tipat Tahu (no egg) (80c AUD)
  2. Tipat Tahu (no rice) – Rp 8 000 (80c AUD)
  3. Tipat Tahu (the whole lot) – Rp 11 000 ($1.1 AUD)

Love cheap eats!


I chose option 1 and asked for the sauce separate just in case it had ‘mild’ spice. Didn’t want it all mixed through!

And now it’s my last day in Bali 🙁 

I’m sitting in the school lobby/reception area as I write this. Normally people would be out on their last day in a destination seeing the beach or doing souvenir shopping. But I don’t really have anywhere to go. I spent the morning talking to Ayu and went for a short swim after, during which I got to talk to the French lady with awesome tatts and play around with her 2 year old daughter! So cute. Ayu made me some Bakso I put in the fridge so I can have for dinner before she drives me to the airport – how sweet of her. I wanted to have lunch at school and drop in to chat to the other students and pick up my order of essential oils. Call it sad, but I just like being here.

Sigh. I do want to come back. But if I did, there’s so much more of Bali to see then to go to Nusa Dua. Ooh, I didn’t even end up seeing Eva in Ubud! Oh well.

Anywho, chill time till my flight! Ketut brought his guitar so we’ll jam after he’s finished teaching (yay).


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