Week 7 at Jamu Spa School |Yet another graduation

Gah week 7!!!! That means only one week left of my course and I can’t wait to finish. I’m so done with studying and attending morning teas and graduations and meeting new students. 2 months isn’t even that long but I’m over Bali. My final two weeks is dedicated solely to massage practice for my exam so it’s been really good. I’m building up my ability to last longer massaging as well haha. I remember when I did my first massage (it was an hour) I actually needed to nap after and felt so fatigued! Now I’m able to give a 3 hour treatment just fine and still have the energy to do more sessions after. My timing is improving too. I always used to wonder how massages could possibly go for an hour, better yet 2 hours. I mean we just have four limbs, and the torso. How much rubbing could take up so much time? Now I understand.

Anyway I’ve been pretty focused on my exam so it hasn’t been such an eventful week otherwise. I’ve grown closer to the staff here at Jamu though and I’ve gotten to the casual basis with them. I use the fridge, waltz in the kitchen when I want to, chill out in the staff room, and banter with them sometimes. They’re just a lovely bunch to be around and they’re always positive which makes me feel positive. It’s nice when they share some stories about their days and their families too 🙂


Today was a nice day though. I feel like my Saturdays are spent feeling lethargic and drained from the week. I wake up, crack my neck and back, starving, do my laundry, mop the sweep the place, have breakfast and take the day slow. Then Sundays are when I actually feel like I’m taking a day of relaxation. Around noon I decided to head to Hardys (a local mega supermarket place) to do some souvenir shopping. And because I just like to browse (or needed some retail therapy haha). On the way I decided to ‘get out there’ and try another lunch place – I always go by Bakso malati so I gave it a go today!

As always I spent an hour or so in Hardys. I didn’t even need to buy anything but I spend a while just looking at products and reading labels. This is why I can’t shop with a companion, I actually have a thing where I sort of ‘focus’ on browsing. And I find it annoying to shop with someone because I’d be talking to them at the same time while I”m trying to browse, and I don’t like feeling like I’m an inconvenience or wasting their time. So I have to browse alone. Yeah. I’m retarded like that.

SO that was my Sunday arvo.Sadly fruit truck man wasn’t there on the way back so I didn’t get to pick up my usual papaya and dragon fruit :'(. Oh well. When I did get back I spent some quality time devouring these digestive biscuits I LOVE. I’m gonna miss them. Sydney has digestive biscuits too but they won’t be the same. Not the same crummy texture, milky, coconut scent. And man they are THE BEST dunked in milk. Plus they’re only 68c a packet 🙁 .


Totally got bored there to play with fonts. Anywho so it’s evening now and I’m sweated out from today, but at least a little more recharged and energised for Monday 🙂

Oh right. The graduation. This week it was the two frenchies that graduated – pics below!

Ros and the girls
the student and staff crew!

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