Week 5 at Jamu Spa School | Just musings…

Well it’s been kind of a bummer of a weekend to March. Besides Ogoh Ogoh and Nyepi, not much action here in Nusa Dua. I had no school on Wednesday too so it was pretty much a 4-day weekend. It was a good opportunity to travel somewhere but the fact that I didn’t is maybe a sign I really am tired of travelling and I’m ready to come home. Sigh. Some thinking to do. I’ll write about my week’s musings anyway.

How was Nyepi day?

Well it turned out to be expected. No one allowed out of the house. Peace and quiet. Chilled in my villa. Did my laps in the pool. Make lunch and dinner. Practised some German. Did some reading and writing. The day passed nicely and I tried to abide by the ‘no electricity’ rule for most of the day. When night came, I realised most of my neighbours had their lights on so I assumed it was okay. But my home-stay mum came knocking on the door and gave me some candles. She didn’t mind if we used lights, it’s just that the whole of Bali is monitored by police on Nyepi day and if they see any buildings using too much light, they’d get fined. So, in poor light, I made dinner as usual only to see all the candle wax spills on the floor the next morning. I did really like one thing about Nyepi – being able to see the billions of stars and constellations at night-time – to think this chance is only once a year in Bali.

The morning after?

It was a Wednesday. I kind of wished school was on because I had enough days of relaxing! But alas, what to do on another day off? It was a gorgeous one so I decided to go for a morning walk. But then I saw all the candle wax on the stove and me being the person who considers cleaning therapy, dropped my shoes and went to get the knife to scrape it all off. As I lifted the right side of the stove to wipe the debris, I’d forgotten all the bowls and plates were sitting on the left side so they all came tumbling down. I broke two plates and a bowl, and a shard cut a deep slice in my left foot!! There goes any plans for the day! I soon realised this was just like when i deeply cut my foot in india right before we went to Bali. I couldn’t enjoy ANY water activities. I sought out to get it stitched asap but it was going to cost at least $80 AUD. For a tiny cut? Okay, it was deep and needed stitches to heel fast. I forewent the consultation and decided I’ll just let it heel on it’s own. it’ll take longer but this time I can keep it free from infection. Fingers crossed.

School on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

This week was all about Stone therapy. At the start I didn’t mind learning it but I knew that it’s not a treatment I particularly love. Turns out I don’t love giving it either. The first couple of times I was really annoyed at using stones. Any props for that matter. For me, I feel passionate massaging when I use my hands. That’s when I can connect with the person I’m treating the most and feel where they have tension and knots so they can get the most benefit from the massage. I don’t like having a medium between me and the body. Holding the stones and having to twist, turn, and manoeuvre them also frustrated me as it kept slipping and I was concentrating more on how to hold them, rather than giving a good massage. Well after a few days and practices, I’m better at it now but I still don’t like the treatment. There’s all this energy work behind it and healing using chakras and removing negative physical and mental energy. But I just don’t like it. and MAN it’s bothersome to have to wash all the stones after. There’s too much preparation involved when all healing requires is good hands.

Other stuff happened this week too. I finally tried Nasi Kuning! (Coconut and turmeric rice) – I love coconut rice so when I heard it was actually a thing here I sought it out. Turns out it’s actually not that fragrant of coconut at all. On that note, Nasi goreng here isn’t the same as how they’d serve it in Sydney too. There seems to be a lack of kecap manis? That sweet brown fried flavour that makes the rice glorious. Or maybe it’s more the Malaysian nasi goring I prefer.

Anyway I also got to be a model for Saori who’s studying pregnancy massage. I got given so many pillows I felt like a baby haha (no, i’m not actually pregnant). It was nice to try, and good insight incase I know any pregnant women who need a massage 😀

In other news the price of my daily bread went up!! I alternate between white (normally Rp11,500 and now Rp12000) and wholemeal (normally Rp16500 and now Rp1800). It was on par with the cost of bread in Sydney (the cheaper kind like Sunblest or homebrand). But I think it’s more expensive now!! Seeing as they only sell like half-loaves, that’s pretty much Rp36000 or $3.60 for a loaf of wholemeal bread. Yeah, I know I can get it for $2 in Coles :(. Also I seemed to have gone through my oats a lot faster than expected. For the first month I stuck to Quakers 200g instant oat bags but I discovered I can get 500g of ‘Australian Oats’ from my local supermarket for cheaper. 2X Quakers (400g) lasted me a month, but somehow I went through the 500g box in a week :O.

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