Week 3 at Jamu Spa School | It’s feeling a little quiet

Well, it’s been relatively quiet this week but I’ve finally begun practising massage! I feel pretty natural at massage and I’m picking up techniques quickly which is awesome. I’ve only had a few models so far though but I think there’ll be a lot of hands-on experience for the next 5 weeks. I didn’t know I also had to learn pre-heat treatments and that involved some machinery for massage so that was interesting. But there’s still a lot more to learn in my course including Indian head massage, hot stone therapy, body scrubs, body wraps, conducting assessments and consultation. I also have to learn about body mechanics, and of course the boring stuff like health & safety, ethics, work conduct etc. The business studies part of the course has got me thinking about how I’d want to run my own spa and I started getting ideas about what it would look like, the uniform, the business cards, the name, the values, etc. I see myself having my own project or business one day; who knows, maybe it’ll be a spa. But first I want to get a lot of varied experience, like in cruise lines, hotels, corporate, and different roles like receptionist and manager so I can learn the ins and outs of how to run a successful business. Ah! Look at where this course has got me. My initial intentions were just for the exploration of something I enjoy.

I felt pretty dull at the beginning of the week. School was so quiet since there was only like four of us. There was Asep who was doing the sports massage course (but he’s leaving for Dubai this week), a californian chick who did a 5-day facial, and then a Ukranian lady who’s here for a few weeks doing different courses. She’s pretty much Russian and runs three pilates studios in the UK – seems pretty experiences but unfortunately I have a disagreeable vibe with her so I haven’t talked to her much. Students are pretty much in and out and no one else is doing a long course like me so I haven’t made any friends. Actually I was just getting to know Asep and it would’ve been great to form a longer friendship with him. The lessons sometimes feel inefficient as well. Time is wasted getting study material printed, waiting for massage models to arrive and get changed, or just general bludge time throughout lessons. I bring my laptop and all my study material with me every day now because I know I’ll have time in the morning or after lunch to spend studying.

Classroom I studied health & safety and spa management with Ros in. Yep that’s a massage table! 
My body massage instructor Ketut 😛 

Despite the beginning of the week today was a good day. I performed a full body 2 hour massage, feeling more confident, Asep had his graduation, and I feel like I’m getting to know the staff better and enjoy being in their company. Hopefully there’ll be some social outing arranged soon with students and staff because that would be really nice. I guess it’s not always the best timing when you have 1-day students or 5-day students who probably wouldn’t be committed. Seeing as I’m the only 2 month student I should try to make the most of my relationships with the staff.

Asep’s graduation. (Left to Right) Ketut, Ros, Asep, Me, Ningi (the VP), and a Jamu examiner who I didn’t get the name of O.O


Did you know coffee is a natural deodoriser and smell sense neutraliser?

New thing I learnt this week. If you put a bowl/plate of coffee powder in a room it will get rid of any bad odours. And you know how sometimes you were fragrance and find yourself putting more on every time because it just doesn’t smell as strong? Well if you give coffee powder a sniff, it’ll neutralise your senses. I don’t drink coffee because of my reflux but I LOVE the smell of coffee. Since making this discovery I’ve developed this habit of smelling the coffee at school every morning when I fill up my water bottle. I’m not sure if the kitchen staff have noticed..

Besides school it was a pretty event-less week. I’m swimming pretty often and I established a morning walking route between the homestay and Bali Collection (a luxurious shopping place in Nusa Dua). Its about 5km and takes me an hour to walk, half of which is in the Nusa Dua resort region. I quite like the morning walks – the Balinese are up early so there’s traffic on roads already, but shops are still closed and the gardeners are collecting the leaves from the pathways in Nusa Dua. Oh – a little bit about Nusa Dua – basically it covers a region in the south of Bali where all the five star resorts are located. When I first went there I wasn’t expecting an official gateway and security guards and all but it seems to be a suburb of its own! Like the Vatican in Italy. Once you enter, the roads all look newly paved, lined with neatly groomed grass and trees, there’s fountains as the round a boats, no busy traffic, proper road signs and flags. I felt like I was in a giant golf course. This is where the honeymooners go and the destination of all those Scoopon Bali + Flight deals for luxurious hotels. The resorts also all line a white sandy beach so you can imagine all the palmy poolside backyards to them.

Anywho, pretty boring week! But there’s a few pics 🙂

Entrance to Nusa Dua
Walkway in Nusa Dua


All cars and motorbikes must go through security, and so do walkers!


Ah, the cliche honeymoon thing on the beach
Gosh I love buying fruit here. I got two giant papayas, three dragonfruit and an avacado for $3!
Popcorn and movie night all by my lonesome 😛
The pool!

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