Traditional Balinese massage

Well I’m starting my course (Diploma in Spa Therapy + Diploma Anatomy and Physiology) in Bali soon and getting massages in Bali are way cheaper than back home, so I thought I should at least try one massage. I thought it’d be a good idea to experience what a Balinese massage is so I’d have a bit more insight when I do start my course. We were on Nuse Lembongan at the time and I chose a spa store midway between our inland guesthouse and the beach. The fact that it was away from the tourist strip meant massage prices were so much cheaper and I liked that it was a quiet location. The ones on the tourist strip didn’t seem very peaceful and I preferred to get a massage in a quiet room with music as opposed to an open massage table on the beach (I mean this is nice too, but the weather is so humid and it’s a congested beach).

After the days activities I took a shower and rested up at the guesthouse before the massage, timing it before dinner. A quick bike ride and I was there in a jiffy. I forgot the Spa name but it was cosy, indoors, and quiet. The interior looked clean and the decor was nice as well. A traditional balinese massage for 60 mins cost 150 000 rupiah ($15) but they were having a 25% off promotion, probably due to low season, so the  massage cost just $11.20. I was actually wanting a body scrub because after 1.5 months of travelling I just felt like my skin was needing a deep clean and exfoliation. Sadly their scrubs were 2.5 hour packages only including a scrub, milk bath, and moisturising, so it was a bit too long. Ah well, next time!

I chose Bergamont amongst the oil choices and within a few minutes my massage began. A younger lady did my massage and she was very gentle but provided good pressure. So far I’ve only had a Swedish, Thai, and Ayurvedic massage. Comparatively, Balinese wasn’t strong or muscle pulling, but it wasn’t deeply relaxing either. It was a full body massage, feeling more like it was to stimulate the blood blow rather than to focus on pain points, or stretching various parts of the body. It did get rid of the upper right shoulder soreness I was having for a few days though, and she climbed on the table to apply my back massage with good pressure. Overall I didn’t mind it, it was just nice.

I think people like to shower after a massage but I love leaving the scent on me and it makes my skin feel more supple. But it gets to a point a few hours later when the scent wears off and you just feel oily and greasy haha. The oils they use here aren’t as aromatic as those in Sydney. Coconut oil would be super nice. It is pretty cheap here, I might just get some to bring home..

Anyway I’ll start my course soon and it’ll be lots of practice over the 40 days so I’ll be getting lots of massages!

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