So I’ve never been a ‘settler’. I like change. I like to be in foreign places. It’s exciting.

I once read that ‘travel is the best education’ – I couldn’t agree more. Intellectually, physically, emotionally, psychologically… travel can fulfil and stimulate so many aspects of one’s life that it’s rarely talked about in a negative light. The point of travel is different for everyone. And of course you’ll have people that don’t like to travel for whatever reason, whether it’d be flying they don’t like, they’re comfortable staying put, or they’re just not a keen traveller. Going overseas is my type of travel – the further and more foreign, the more it appeals to me. But even if someone ventures out of town, tries a restaurant, goes to a concert, or on a hike, that’s an experience they’ve had by going somewhere. So i like to think everyone likes to travel :).

I was born in Sydney, and going places far and wide has been a permanent agenda item since high school. I want to be overseas, work overseas, eat overseas, live overseas, do everything overseas. The realisation that I had a huge passion for travel occurred to me when I spent 3 weeks in India at the end of 2012. I went on to finish my studies in Germany, then backpacked for 8 months (3 months solo) around Europe and a little bit of Asia. Already it’s been a year since returning to Sydney and I’ve confirmed with myself that ‘staying put’ is just not who I am. If I had a dollar for every time I said or thought ‘I want to go somewhere!’, I’d be a billionaire.

Anyway, I’m an amateur photographer and health fanatic too. I have a feeling a lot of my life in my 20s will be dedicated to discovering things I love, and defining the things I want to live for for the rest of my life. So here are the short stories, the memories, and treasures of it all. Happy reading!

♥ jules